[Milton-L] Re: porno vs. art?

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Seems, Prof. Strier, you have a whole taxonomy of pornography up your 
sleeve; you are planning an entire issue of MP on the subject aren't you? 
You'll snap up "Pornography in art" (and perhaps "Art in pornography" ?) for 
yourself; and you'll invite James Rovira based on his post yesterday to do 
"Porn without art: capers in early cable."  But give us a preview of the 
rest; what, and who, else do have in mind? I can try to imagine an article 
or two but really haven't the scope or the art:
      "Sex sells: 30 years of cover art on 'Milton' paperbacks."
      "For whom and From whom I was Formed, Flesh of thy Flesh: 'F' words in 
      "Debbie done Donne, prevenient pornography in the Metaphysicals."
      "Before, behind, between, etcetera: pornographic pentameters, Spenser 
to Auden."

Of course the cover for your issue could only be "La Source."

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>I think something can be BOTH "art" and "pornography -- like much of Book 4 
>and some of book 5 of PL (to return where we started, and to get everyone's 
>blood flowing!).
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