[Milton-L] on Eikonoklastes

anttahva at mappi.helsinki.fi anttahva at mappi.helsinki.fi
Sun Nov 27 14:31:42 EST 2005

I wonder if anyone on the list would be in a position to give me an 
insight on why the Yale edition of Eikonoklastes, in CPW vol. 3 (p. 392-
393), has Milton referring to "Damagogues"? I was already thinking that 
perhaps it was a pun ("damaging damagogues" or so), or a jibe to the Greek 
skills of the writer of Eikon Basilike, thus putting the "goblin word" in 
a new context. But alas, all the versions of Eikon Basilike and 
Eikonoklastes that I could find from EEBO are using "Demagogues". Is there 
a version of Eikonoklastes somewhere with the spelling "Damagogue", or is 
it just a simple typo by the editor and I am wasting everyone's time?

Best regards,

Antti Tahvanainen

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