[Milton-L] Re: porno vs. art?

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So marriage is again the problem, perhaps as Milton well expresses in his
DDD and SA, especially when regulated by institutions, such as that provided
by ecclesiastical or, from Milton's view, barbarous states.

Alisoun could not want anything other than what you describe, given the
abusiveness of the society provided her by the church, again as you describe 
it, just as Dalila
couldn't want anything other than what she wants, given her society, I
suppose one could well say Chaucer and Milton are saying.  And like some of
the Romantics with Milton's Satan, I suppose one could well relish
identifying with an Alisoun or a Dalila.  But to equate either of these 
characters with
Milton's complex Eve or Milton's less complex Lady from _A Maske_,
characters I rather pair and identify with, perhaps as the Lady of
Christ's might, seems unfair, or, in an academic environment, worse, even if 
all four characters are conceived as
having similar bodies, in certain respects.

I suppose Jankyn can be understood to be only condescending and that pages 
his book are thus deserving of being ripped and burned; but he can also be 
conceived to
be as integrally imbricated in the corrupt society Alisoun is.  But the 
latter interpretation wouldn't give Alisoun all sovereignty,
which is, of course, what she most relishes, even in, or perhaps especially 
in, romantic relations and tales.  Oh, and in money matters -- which is 
really important, I am to remember!


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> She wants recognition, Jesse--for her considerable "unnatural learning," 
> for
> her spunk, and for her independence--in this case, for a financial
> independence and ability to be charitable that is alien to her sex--bought
> dear, with the abuse she has suffered as a young, buxom bride sold in
> legalized slavery to old, decrepit men.
> What she doesn't want is the condescending sarcasm of self-righteous,
> arrogant males.
> To that extent, you're right about my identification with her, and welcome
> for the "education."
> Carol Barton
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