[Milton-L] The possibility of innocent postlapsarian love

Carol Barton cbartonphd at earthlink.net
Thu Nov 24 17:56:10 EST 2005

Salwa, I only just saw your message on this subject. I agree with you that
"in our modern society, we have chopped up everything into bits and so are
not able
to understand love in its wholeness. . . . For, as Milton
says, the"upright heart and pure" (1.18)  filled with wisdom and trained by

Deeds to...knowledge answerable . . . faith
. . .virtue, patience, temperance . . . love
By name to come called Charity, the soul
Of all the rest . . .                PL   (XII.582-85)

can possess "A paradise within . . . happier far" (587), and that "it takes
a lot of work to achieve this blissful state, but it is possible right here
in our world"--rarely.

I think you have to have experienced it, to understand how and why--but once
you have, it's easier to envision the sort of marriage Milton is trying to
describe, in both PL and DDD. Obviously, you have--congratulations on that,
and Happy Thanksgiving, to you, and to all!

Carol Barton

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