[Milton-L] "nude, not naked" -- really?

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Wed Nov 23 07:03:10 EST 2005

Dear all,

Rovira's response is important. "Half-truth": there is a truth in Strier's
comments and all truths are important.

I think we have to think of the general responses to any film, and then try
to do the best anyway.  For example, one of my colleagues told me about a
post-screening discussion of _Jurassic Park_, read in conjunction with some
difficult science fiction texts.  One student's response to (basically) the
question "What were some of the principle messages that the movie promotes?"
was "Don't make dinosaurs."  To get more to the point: my own experience
with my undergraduates' response to our class field trip last semester to
see a performance Zimmerman's play _Metamorphoses_, which includes one nude
scene, ranged from awe to humorously prurient ("why weren't any chicks
naked?!") to insulted.  If filming or staging nudity were easy and always
meaningful, it would be done frequently, and it isn't.


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