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>The Graves poem ["The Naked and the Nude"] seems quite complex and tricky to me.  >To think that 
>it "resolves" the issue seems to me a bad reading of that nice 
>(though very minor and not very serious) poem.

As long as Robert Graves has been mentioned, we might look at his "Adam in Hell," published posthumously in "Across the Gulf" (1992):

>From the pit of Hell a whisper of pure love
Rises through the crooked smoking crannies 
To the lawns of Paradise.

Adam lies fettered by his basalt pillar:
A lodestone of male honour,
A moral for the damned.

So proud a lover, suffering no woman
To endure the torments that are his:
It was not Eve who sinned but the bright Serpent
Conspiring against man--
Tomorrow she will bruise her enemy's head
And raise up Adam from the loveless dead. 

Graves was not a Milton fan, to put it mildly, though he surely would not have denied Miltonic input in the above. For the sequel to "Paradise Lost: The Movie" this poem could provide the basis of the opening scene.

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