[Milton-L] "Innocent" nudity

Mario DiCesare dicesare1 at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 22 14:39:09 EST 2005

Dear Colleagues,

A long time ago, in the heyday of one or another of the passing fancies 
of the latter 20th-c., Lee and I drove out to Lake Empire, some 20 miles 
or so from SUNY Binghamton, and owned by the Faculty-Student 
Association. One of the features, we discovered, was fairly universal 
nudity. Since it was the first time we'd come on anything of the sort, 
we found it mildly, and oddly, interesting. We concluded, over supper at 
a nearby restaurant that (a) some of the good-looking youngsters would 
have looked even better scantily dressed, and (b) most of those 
wandering about, male and female, would have looked much much better in 
full dress.

Were we already too old? I don't think so, for reasons I will not go 
into here.

Despite that reality and realism, I usually am as moved as others are by 
those lovely lines in the middle of Book IV.



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