[Milton-L] O Eve, in evil hour...

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Nov 22 11:44:45 EST 2005

Rose Williams wrote:
> I agree that it could be achieved, but only by the very best and least
> sensational of directors and actors.
> Who is doing this film? Sorry, compatriots, but I would prefer to entrust
> this to Britons. We Americans are too deeply involved in Post-Puritanical
> Reaction.
> Rose Williams

I find this contrast of "Britons" and Hollywood odd. I've never noticed
that much difference in the treatment of sex in British or Hollywood

On another question, Aers & Hodge in a 1979 _Milton Studies_ essay
suggested that the sex in Book IV was essentially more obscene, that in
Book IX less so. I think they quote one of their students (a woman)
saying of Book IX, "But that's the way I _like_ it."


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