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Tue Nov 22 10:32:45 EST 2005

>I'm for the film version. I hope that the 21st century 
brings with it
>multiple filmed versions of Milton's works, as the 20th 
brought multiple
>filmed versions of Shakespeare's, which will help minimize 
Diane McColley's
>correct concerns about viewers possessing only one fixed 
version rather than
>many and their own.

Me too, if for nothing else than the opportunity to go to a 
movie with fellow MIltonists and whisper to each 
other, "Ohhh! How could they leave out THOSE lines? You know, 
where Eve says ..." 

When I saw the second of the Lord of the Rings movies, I sat 
in front of several people who had evidently committed those 
holy texts to memory, and who kept up a running commentary 
along those lines. They tried to be politely quiet, and 
mostly were, but from time to time the liberties taken by the 
movie were too much for one of them, who really did hiss with 
shock and anger at some ommission.

I hope I sit near them for "PL: The Movie!" 

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