[Milton-L] O Eve, in evil hour...

Rose Williams rwill627 at cox.net
Tue Nov 22 09:41:10 EST 2005

I agree that it could be achieved, but only by the very best and least 
sensational of directors and actors.
Who is doing this film? Sorry, compatriots, but I would prefer to entrust 
this to Britons. We Americans are too deeply involved in Post-Puritanical 
Rose Williams
> The National Theatre production of Tony Harrison's adaptation of  medieval 
> cycle plays, "The Mysteries", (available on video) featured  Adam and Eve 
> in Paradise naked and not ashamed with a remarkable and  moving 
> effectiveness. Adam rose -- marvelously -- out of the earth,  and Eve 
> joined him. The effect on an audience was interesting to  track. 
> Initially, I think, there was some prurient attention, but the  very lack 
> of any such winking hint in the production, its candid  insistence that 
> the innocent eye treats the whole body alike as  uniformly good and human, 
> quickly won out.  Part of the reason for  this, I think, is the very 
> ordinary demeanor in the immediacy of the  actors. I'm not sure film could 
> easily achieve this, as in-immediacy  is one of its basic conditions, and 
> the medium coerces the eye, and  makes it aware of demands on its 
> spectation, in the way the stage  does not. Contemporary Hollywood in 
> particular is almost incapable of  forgoing such coercive pleasuring. But 
> I think a good, thoughtful  director might be able to unpack that problem. 
> PL, of course, has its  own pornographic moment after the Fall. Again, 
> smart direction might  make its impulse toward the pornographic eye at 
> that point pointedly  part of the problem, rather than a sticky "solution 
> sweet".
> Tom

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