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Given what has been said about textbook prices and anthologies, I 
wonder whether the availability of Paradise Lost online (free of 
charge) changes the discussion in any way.  
Also, as a first-time Milton instructor (this semester, and we read 
the work in its entirety) I am interested to hear about any of your 
experiences using electronic editions of Paradise Lost...
Russ Leo

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I have the latest edition of Norton. It contains all
of Paradise Lost.

Jeffery Hodges

--- jsavoie at siue.edu wrote:

> I believe the latest Norton survey of British Lit
> contains the whole of Paradise
> Lost.  I agree that the books keep getting bigger
> and usually not better, but a
> few years back the editors did make a decision to
> include it all.  Has a newer
> edition since come out to reverse the relatively
> recent decision to include more
> Milton?
> John Savoie

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