[Milton-L] Text massaging

John Leonard jleonard at uwo.ca
Fri Nov 18 09:46:38 EST 2005

It seems to me that a text messaging version of PL has real potential.  Consider the puns we have just been discussing:

/F- 2 Me Tho /F B 2 xs

Here "xs" is in lower case to signal the muted quality of the pun described by Ricks (the tone would have been very different had Eve said "XS").  Then there are the opening lines:

Of %s #1 xOBDnc + /F 

O L 4bdn Tre whs _tal tst 

Brt _ in2 " n'all our ;

Till 1 > % ( + Hvnly &

And everyone will of course recognize this simile:

His 8 2 = wch tllst | 

X on Nouijn hls 2 B |

Of AmRl = `
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