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This from _Areopagitica_: 

"If I should thus farre presume upon the meek demeanour of your civill and
gentle greatnesse, Lords and Commons, as what your publisht Order hath
directly said, that to gainsay, I might defend my selfe with ease, if any
should accuse me of being new or insolent, did they but know how much better
I find ye esteem it to imitate the old and elegant humanity of Greece, then
the barbarick pride of a Hunnish and Norwegian statelines." JD Fleming

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 12:27:50 -0600 milton-l at lists.richmond.edu wrote:
> As we were looking at similes in PL 1, a student pointed out something I
> hadn't noticed before: Norway appears in two of these.  There's
> Leviathan "slumbering on the Norway foam" at line 203, and "the tallest
> pine / Hewn on Norwegian hills" at 293.  When asked whether there is any
> significance to the recurrence of Norway, I had to confess I have no
> idea.  It could just be a coincidence, of course, but does anyone know
> if this question has ever come up in the criticism?  (An MLA search for
> Milton and Norway yields nothing.) Or happen to have a take on it?
> Thanks,
> Mary Bowman
> University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
> mbowman at uwsp.edu 
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