[Milton-L] First book on Milton published in Brazil

Miriamgi at aol.com Miriamgi at aol.com
Tue Nov 15 20:03:20 EST 2005

Dear Miltonists,

The first book on Milton was published in Brazil last August. It was written by our  Brazilian scholar colleague, prof. Luiz Fernando Ferreira Sá. The title is:  The myth of Orpheus in Milton’s “L’Allegro,” “Il’Penseroso,” and “Lycidas.” This title is now available for selling. Some of the list members may have already received a copy of this book and it would be very kind if they could add some comments about it.  

For further contact about the book or any other of Prof. Sá’s published texts, please use the following e-mails:

saluizff at hotmail.com
miriamgi at aol.com

Best regards,

Miriam Mansur

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