[Milton-L] O Eve, in evil hour...

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I agree--it's important to attribute the pun to Adam.  It fits the
context of the rest of that speech (indeed the rest of book 9), in which
Adam lays all the blame for the Fall on Eve and accepts no
responsibility of his own (and vice versa).  When both accept blame for
their own choices (something Satan never unequivocally does), the
workings of grace are seen.  Adam's pun is literally ungracious and
meant (by Milton) to be seen as such.

Mary Bowman

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>The first thing to note is that Ricks attributes the pun to
Adam, not to 

Yes. And keep in mind that it is the fallen angels who pun 
nastily when they deploy artillary in the war in heaven. I 
think Adam is imitating and anticipating fallen behavior here.

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