[Milton-L] references to _SA_ and twin towers

Angelica Duran aduran at cla.purdue.edu
Wed Nov 2 08:01:57 EST 2005

Dear scholars,

I would appreciate receiving references to any well-written articles in
major newspapers in 2001-2002 that integrated _Samson Agonistes_ into
considerations of the Twin Towers disaster of 9/11. My quick internet search
did not help me limit it to just newspaper articles, and I am sure that many
of you have clippings or were indeed the authors of such articles.  All
speed appreciated.

On another topic: with the rush of teaching and deadlines, I have not been
able to search my treasure trove of a filing cabinet for the perfectly
iambic pentameter poem mentioned in my email last month. However, let me
offer this interesting tidbit as a peace-offering of sorts for not (yet)
sharing the fabulous perfectly pentameter poem. This list has discussed the
acrostic of SATAN contained in  _Paradise Lost_ 9.500-20, interestingly
situated when Satan is entering stealthily into the Temptation.  One of my
students offered the following acrostic which I had never heard of: a
tumbling (or upside down) acrostic of "SOON A FALL" in _PL_ 9.335-50.

Many thanks.


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