[Milton-L] Cromwell and miracles

Boyd M Berry bberry at mail1.vcu.edu
Sat Jul 30 12:42:24 EDT 2005

What we need here is someone very knowledgable about the day-to-day
affairs of Cromwell's court.

I think John was wondering if the idea, prominent on James I's court, of
the king's touch, and whether it was taken in in the above.

Rather than looking for classical comparisons, one might start with
Stephen Marshall's sermon,  A Sacred Record to be kept of God's mercies to
Zion, celebrating Naseby in 1645, and other similar cheer-leading.  I
don't recall Cromwell figuring directly in Marshall's sermon, however.
And it is the case that God's mercies might not have seemed, to a man like
Marshal, miracles.

Boyd Berry

On Fri, 29 Jul 2005, Carol Barton wrote:

> John . . . are you seriously suggesting that *anyone's* touch cured scrofula
> (tuberculosis)????
> Interesting, indeed!
> But then, such feats were probably well within the realm of possibility for
> someone who left us three "authentic" skulls . . .
> Best,
> Carol Barton
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> John Hale wrote (in part):
> 3. We should instead or as well be hearing about OC's powers as a curer of
> > the (interestingly named!) King's evil.  If he did cure this, what was the
> > timing in relation to his status and rumoured aspirations?
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