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>From The Economist Dec 19 2002:


In 1999 the BBC conducted a series of polls, asking people to name the
greatest men and women of the millennium. In October of that year,
within a few weeks of the tenth anniversary of the dismantling of the
Berlin Wall, the BBC declared the people's choice for “greatest
thinker”. It was Karl Marx. Einstein was runner-up, Newton and Darwin
third and fourth, respectively. “

Chris Burford wrote:

> In a poll of eliciting 34,000 votes to a UK radio programme for the
> greatest philopher, Marx came far ahead of rivals with 28% of the
> vote.
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/history/inourtime/greatest_philosopher_vote_result.shtml 
> Double that of the next rival David Hume at 13%
> The interesting thing was in Eric Hobsbawm's observations on the
> result - available on the internet.

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