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I wrote a Miltonic sonnet (well there are too many sentences. The focus is on a school in England where my father went. I stopped by after the conference. Moved by Chapel the day we were there.
Now from Tennessee

Sustaining Courage

How fragile now between the walls of Chard
School where students gather for morning chapel
to hear the tragedy from London tell
how the history of Britain bleeds hard
with tears, shrapnel, and broken glass.  What bard
could weave a plot through emotions?  The bell 
declared Olympic victory.  Then Hell
from underground blasts the tunnels - the card
of Death trumps the memory of the Somme,
Dunkirk, and the Blitz when this enemy
chooses Time ticking behind terror's veil
to blow out the innocence of children.  Calm
below the cross, we pray for liberty.
with Old Cerdic certainty we prevail.

Kemmer Anderson

Although not Miltonic in form, there are some Miltonic places and characters. Peace. Kemmer
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>You are fortunate to live in a world where you may of course express such
>things without fear of retribution. Most others are not so fortunate.
>But in my opinion you chose a particularly offensive time and inappropriate
>place to do so. 
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>> "Dr. Carol Barton" wrote:
>>> May the misery they've caused return to them "an hundredfold."
>> May I express my deep sympathy and solidariy with the millions that U.S.
>> terrorism has murdered, starved, tortured, made homeless, in Guatemala,
>> Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Vietnam, Philippines,
>> Indonesia, Laos, Cuba, Palestine, Afghanistan, Chile, Colombia, Equador,
>> Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Panama, Namibia, Mexico,* Liberia,
>> Libya, Venezuela, Yugoslavia, Somalia, Grenada, Cambodia, Angola,
>> Mozambique, Congo, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Bolivia, Peru.
>> Carrol
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