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 But it does
>seem to me that Cynthia's post might suggest that we need to 
work to focus
>students on the obvious sense of extreme contingency writers 
we read and
>teach assumed. 

Try Donne's 'Valediction Forbidding Mourning' and ask 
students to read aloud the opening image - "As virtuous 
men ..." and ask them to say what scene Donne is invoking.  
See how many say 'a deathbed.' Then tell them that only in 
the latter half of the 20th c did most people die in a 
hospital or nursing home instead of at home in their own 
beds. Then tell them to life expectancy in the 17th c. 

My soph survey students are usually appalled.

Cynthia A. Gilliatt
English Department, JMU
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"You have made God in your own image when God hates the same people you hate." Fr. John Weston

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