[Milton-L] London

James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Thu Jul 7 23:50:21 EDT 2005

There's an element of irony in this, though, no?  Because they did hit 
again.  That means, I think, we're going to have to live with violence 
eventually.  There will be another successful attack in the US.  There 
will probably be successful attacks, eventually, in France too, and in 
other industrialized nations: probably in every G8 nation.  I don't 
think there are or ever will be any concessions we can make to get them 
to stop attacking, and we'll never be able to stop them all, so violence 
is inevitable. And even if the current group of attackers went away, we 
will still have people like the Oklahoma City bomber acting 
independently.  This is the product of a ubiquitous system that provides 
structure, safety, and a living that is also necessarily oppressive. 
All that can be done is restraint and minimizing the damage.  If we stop 
nine out of ten attacks, or 99 out of 100, or 999 out of 1000, there's 
still that one attack.  We will never feel safe again, not in our 

Jim Rovira

Rose Williams wrote:
> Amen. The authorities in Madrid did a good job of this, running the 
> train bombers down. May London
> do the same.
> Rose Williams
>> There is nothing we can do in response to terrorism to stop the next 
>> attack other than catching terrorists before they attack again. 

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