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Thu Jul 7 22:29:59 EDT 2005

RE: [Milton-L] LondonSu Fang Ng's comment is an interesting one, in this

" I am shocked by what happened today in London and do not think that
violence should be condoned.  Yet, I do not see that Carroll Cox had done so
when he expressed his sympathy for other victims of violence.  Yes, he was
being polemical, but he was responding to Carol Barton's very provocative
statement: "May the misery they've caused return to them "an hundredfold."
As she says in a later post, the phrase is from the Old Testament and one
that encourages vengeance and further violence.  What good would that do?
What about turning the other cheek?  What about forgiveness?"

When Jesus counseled his followers to "turn the other cheek," he was not
suggesting that if someone fires a machine gun at you and misses, you should
step back into the line of fire and let him try again: he was talking about
people of *conscience*, for whom the guilt over having hurt a friend or
loved one who did not retaliate in kind would be more punishing than an act
of vengeance.

That does *not* include the monsters who have done this thing. They *have*
no conscience, no remorse, and no humanity. They rejoice in their carnage:
do you think it's any coincidence that the devils in Pandemonium alone of
all sinners are not forgiven --

or could it be because, like Al Q'aida  and its supporters, they not only
*ask* no forgiveness, but delight in their depravity?

Carol Barton

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