[Milton-L] Milton-L and polemic

Carol Barton cbartonphd at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 7 21:49:04 EDT 2005

Seconding Carrol Cox, Alan Rudrum writes,

"'But what can war but endless war still breed?'  (quoted or misquoted from
memory, I can't find my Concordance)."

--such that I feel compelled to explain that I consider all acts of
terrorism and violence against innocents identically horrific, no matter who
commits them ("Avenge, O Lord, thy slaughter'd Saints . . ."), though, like
all other human beings, I am solipsistic enough to be more affected by
monstrous acts committed against those I consider my own people than I am by
those committed against cultural strangers. I too have friends and
family--all of my remaining family--in England, and knowing where these
attacks occurred, that family extended for me to fellow Miltonists, any of
whom could have been in the vicinity of the attacks. My reference to "a[n]
hundredfold" was OT biblical, not Miltonic--and I wonder if those who are
responsible for this obscenity are aware that, rather than discouraging
those who would "perpetuate war with endless war," they are justifying
increased hostility, increased surveillance, increased bloodshed?


For what can war but endless war still breed,
Till truth and right from violence be freed,
And public faith clear'd from the shameful brand
Of public fraud? In vain doth Valour bleed,
While Avarice and Rapine share the land.

(You would not in any case have found this in your concordance, Alan.)

God help us all, "comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comforted."

There is no defense against depraved insanity, and no words ugly enough to
describe those who triumph in the pain and grief of those who have never
done them any harm--let alone those who are their sworn and bitter enemies.

Carol Barton

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