[Milton-L] Re: London

Andrew Mattison mattisonsom at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 20:07:50 EDT 2005

Carrol Cox's list of countries that have suffered as the result of
American imperialistic violence seems to me to be perhaps overly
inclusive.  But I don't understand Carolyn Kunin's position that this
is "a particularly offensive time and inappropriate place" to make
that argument.  The point--that we must consider ALL actions, right or
wrong, in the context in which they take place, and the ironic
response to Carol Barton's apparent expression of vengeance--seems to
me to be a timely and effective reminder of this lists' purpose: to
discuss the context of radical thinking (and radical poetry).  I
probably wouldn't have put it that way, but I cannot endorse Carolyn's
condemnation of the statement either.


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