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A first-person account
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I'm fine  - many aren't - I went down the road with my cameras but of course couldn't get to close  - it seems however that the way for anyone with the least journalistic skills to combat terrorism is to get out there and take pictures - the guy with the survival blanket around his shoulders is a carpet buyer for Harrods who was in carriage three in the tube train that was bombed in the tunnel between King's Cross and Russell Square (there would have been twelve hundred people on that rush hour train) - the bomb went off between the first and second carriage, he thought it came from above rather than inside the train  - he remarked that people behaved in a totally orderly manner and there was no panic - they had to wait half an hour for the emergency services to get to them but he said when they came they were amazing - apparently they are doing surgical procedures actually on the underground platform at King's Cross for some of the injured - the whole area is as you would expect cordoned off  - I walked around with another photographer and took the attached pictures - we then tried to get to Tavistock Square 

where the bus bomb (? suicide bomber) happened   - ironically almost 

directly above the site of the tube bombing - again, as you would expect, it is closed off and there are many photographers and media milling about - here we bumped into the crew from the Guardian and they hadn't been able to get anything either other than closed ambulances leaving the scene - so the pictures are only crowd scenes - at the place I was close to Tavistock square a local lady resident came out of her apartment with a big tray of tea for the people standing around in the street - London has of course been bombed before and  the people, though horrified, won't be put off living their normal lives I'm absolutely certain


Apparently around a thousand people are injured and an estimated 45 killed as I write this according to Sky News - everybody has been calling around all their friends to make sure they are all right - so far nobody we know has been hurt - all tube trains and bus services are stopped  - Anny faces a long walk back from work she fears





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