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Although these have most to do with Crusader attacks on Jewish and Eastern 
Christians, you might look at
Albert of Aix,  Ekkehard of Aura,  and Solomon Bar Simson (this last is 
concerned with Crusader attacks on Jewry)
Anna Comnena.
More to your point, I think, are
"Medieval accounts of Salah al-Din's recovery of Jerusalem"
by Hadia Dajani-Shakeel. From: Hisham Nashabe (ed) "Studia Palaestina: 
Studies in honour of Constantine K. Zurayk", Institute for Palestine 
Studies, Beirut 1988.
"Autobiography of Usamah Ibn Munqidh" (1095-1188) a Muslim warrior and 
courtier who fought against the Crusaders with Saladin

"The Crusade of St. Louis."An Arab account by al-Makrisi.

Rose Williams
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> Dear All,
> I'm working on the issue of terrorism and *Samson Agonistes,* and am
> wondering if there are any great works of Arabic literature that show
> Christians and/or Jews in a negative light.  Any involving battle
> scenes, particularly when it's clear the reader's supposed to cheer for
> the Muslims against the Christians and Jews?
> I'm quite ignorant of this literature, unfortunately, but would be
> grateful for any recommendations.
> Thanks,
> Tim Burbery
> Marshall University
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