[Milton-L] Milton and St. Peter's Basilica

Lewis H Whitaker lhwhitaker at gsu.edu
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Thank you for this reference! Alas, I don't have it at hand, and time is
running short. I may just be vague, in true academic fashion, and pray
that no one asks for a specific date!



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Quoting Lewis H Whitaker <lhwhitaker at gsu.edu>:

> I'm wondering if someone might know if there is some record of Milton
> touring St. Peter's Basilica when he visited Rome in 1638. On one hand
> we often say "no one goes to Rome without visiting St. Peter's" but
> prefer to have something factual to back up my claims.

Lewis, have you checked Gordon Campbell's blow-by-blow guide, A Milton
Chronology (Macmillan, 1997)?  If you do not have it to hand--and I
don't--perhaps someone who does can flip to the relevant pages and give
you the
quick answer.



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