[Milton-L] Milton's Satan-my first impressions

James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Sun Feb 20 17:22:37 EST 2005

I should have qualified my previous comments a bit -- Shelley, in his 
preface to _Prometheus Unbound_, sees these faults in Satan so chooses 
Prometheus for his hero rather than Satan.  Byron's Satan in _Cain_ very 
much resembles Milton's Satan in PL in parts, esp. the speech about 
self-creation, while Blake's Satan is worked into a very different 
mythological scheme, and seems different in _Jerusalem_ than the devils 
in _Marriage of Heaven and Hell_ -- he appears to me to be a more 
sympathetic character in MHH than _Jerusalem_.  


Rose Williams wrote:

>   To attack those too foolish or weak to resist, because this is the 
> only way he can wound the powerful Deity who loves them, is a 
> despicable act unworthy, in my opinion, of the admiration of the 
> Romantics or anyone else.
> Rose Williams

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