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Susan Bissett sbissett at drew.edu
Tue Feb 15 16:22:23 EST 2005

The most helpful text I have encountered that deals with the reader's attraction to Satan is John Leonard's Naming in Paradise.  His analysis of the rhetorical development of this character is, I find, quite convincing; it also helps to look at God in terms of logic, not rhetoric, if one wants to see the character of God as being good.

I can't think of Adam as a dear - Milton's sexualized depiction of Eve is rings true at least in the sense that at least one man (Milton?  Adam?) perceived her in that way.  The reader sees her through the eyes of the narrator.  But Adam?  I accept that Milton's Eve was crazy about him (he was, literally, the only man on earth), but I don't feel Milton quite had the grasp of what makes a man attractive to a female reader.  I can't see what Eve sees in him. And I utterly reject the notion of there being trash to take out in Paradise.

Susan Bissett
sbissett at drew.edu

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