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I much agree.  I haven't read many pieces of literature in which I didn't 
at least one of the characters unattractive.  In Dickens for example,  Uriah 
repulsed me in many ways,  though I never found my liking/disliking of his
character to detract from my overall appreciation of the work. Milton,  I 
makes it easy for his readers to push and pull with his characters;  but 
that is much of the beauty of PL. I also find your appeal to the 
of opposites in Milton's God and Satan to be a great way to view the dymanic
between characters and perhaps also,  an excellent commentary on the 
motto:  "as above,  so below."

"Sum Ergo Cogito."

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> Angelica Duran wrote:
>> Dear scholars,
>> As with many works, Ostriker maintains, rather than describes or accounts
>> for, the assumption that all readers like Milton's Satan, or like him 
>> better
>> than Milton's God, Milton's Adam, etc. We have records of many early 
>> readers
>> who did not find Satan attractive.
> Liking or disliking literary characters is not, it seems to me, a
> necessary accompaniment for admiring and responding to the work in which
> they occur. I don't have that sort of response to _any_ of the
> characters in either PL or PR, except, perhaps, to the narrator, and I
> have never felt that to be any barrier to my delight in the poems.
> Milton's Satan and his God seem rather inseparable: the one implies the
> other, and both (taken outside the poem) imply a trivializing of human
> life through the offensive doctrine of immortality. But that hardly (for
> me) interferes with the poem's power, any more than Pound's repellant
> politics interfere with that poem's power.
> Carrol
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