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MarcPaul digitalplacebo at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 12 20:43:44 EST 2005

thanks for the feedback regarding Derrida and Milton (very helpful). 
I'm needing a little guidance here:
I'm absolutely passionate about Milton.  I'm planning on applying for graduate school in the near future,  and am considering approcahing Milton studies from the angle of Derrida/Heidegger.  as it relates to the interaction of Derrida's Other, or Heidegger's Dasein.  Alice Berghof has been kind enough to point me in the direction of Marc Geisler at WWU,  however,  if anyone can also help point me in the direction of Heidegger/Milton donnections I would greatly appreciate the help. 

MarcPaul DiMarco
"Sum Ergo Cogito."
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