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Dear scholars,

I welcome the message below.  I am bothered when it seems obvious that
persons have done little legwork or have not proofread before emailing.  I
speak as someone who has done the latter and has been ashamed of having done
so.  Such sloth and carelessness should be remedied.  Questions about paper
topics seem beneficial.  We get to help construct the next generation of
scholarship in Milton studies that way.  Also, those of us who have
resources unavailable to others can share those resources or our knowledge
of those resources: I am thinking of emails on this list from Eastern Europe
that have requested help due to limited access to scholarly resources and of
Caren Irr¹s article ³Going to the Library in the Czech Republic² in the
MLA¹s Professions 2004.  On the other hand, I will admit to gaining much
more pleasure in the lines of exchanges that delve into deep interpretive
issues: some of your comments are so learned that they have moved me to
(ever-)continue improving my scholarship.


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Subject: [Milton-L] re Theodicy & this list

"Nature red"-- Tennyson, of course ("In Memoriam").

On M's problems with theodicy, my essay called "Milton's Fetters" in Lieb
and Labriola's edited volume in Milton Studies 38 ('00) is on point.

Question:  is this list supposed to be scholarly or remedial?  (I thought
the former, and am not intrigued by or interested in or happy with the
latter.)  What do others think?

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