[Milton-L] Tennyson Prior to Darwin, was The Failure ....

Margaret Thickstun mthickst at hamilton.edu
Fri Feb 11 08:10:27 EST 2005

As the kids say these days, "my bad."  I knew that.--Margie

>Lyell's Geology, I believe, was the book Tennyson was responding to.
>Gardner Campbell
>University of Mary Washington
>Margaret Thickstun wrote:
>>  "Nature red in tooth and claw"--Tennyson, in "In Memoriam" #56 in a
>>  response to Darwin
>>  --
>Not in response to Darwin, since the poem was published 9 years before
>the publication of the Origin of Species.
>Knowledge of the appearance and disappearance of species was widespread
>and did not depend on Darwin publishing his work on evolution.
>Acceptance of the fact of evolution had also been widespread -- Darwin
>supplied a theory of how it worked.

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