[Milton-L] sabbatical query

Lauren Shohet lauren.shohet at villanova.edu
Mon Feb 7 21:51:22 EST 2005

Dear Miltonists,

If I may use the list for deeply but obliquely Milton-related 
question. . .

It looks as though my family and I may have the opportunity to spend my 
2005-06 sabbatical in Provence, near Aix. If any of you could offer 
advice on how to obtain library privileges in France, how to find 
networks of early modern scholars in southern France with whom to share 
work, perhaps even how to get children situated in appropriate schools, 
I'd very much appreciate hearing from you off-list.


Lauren Shohet

Lauren Shohet
Associate Professor of English
Villanova University
Villanova PA 19085 USA
(610) 519-6966
Lauren.Shohet at villanova.edu

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