[Milton-L] Re: [Milton-List] Struggling with a paper

Jennifer Page / Joe Mayer jenniferjoe at sprynet.com
Fri Feb 4 21:02:45 EST 2005

My attempt to clear away a stumbling block from Sarah's path (i.e., 
Eve's "interest in learning and reason") was a rather rough exertion, 
and subsequent postings have certainly improved on my characterization 
of Eve.  Peter Herman with "Eve does not feel that her beauty is 
unappreciated, Eve feels that she is unappreciated . . . . "  Jeffrey 
Austin with "Eve possesses what is an insatiable curiosity, a trait 
that might be might be mistaken for an "interest in learning and 
reason. . .  Like Satan, Eve is afflicted with the "wandering fancy."  
Sarah should have here the makings of a good paper--if she hasn't 
already dispatched it, or is busy doing so while we trade insights.

Joe Mayer

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