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Jeffrey Austin austinmj at umich.edu
Fri Feb 4 17:58:34 EST 2005

Sarah and others:

I think the proposition that Eve has an "affinity for knowledge" is 
risky as well.  Eve possesses what is an insatiable curiosity, a trait 
that might be might be mistaken for an "interest in learning and 
reason."  Eve always desires something more, something bigger, and 
something out of her realm as a human being.  Eve seems to be forever 
wondering what is occurring while she is sleeping, her head is 
constantly in the cosmos, thinking about the realm beyond Eden, she 
always seems to be looking beyond Adam for something more, and she is 
ultimately tempted by a God-like knowledge.  As she has from the time 
of her creation when she looked past Adam, Eve is looking for more.  
She is like Satan in this way.  Satan is also an insatiable figure that 
cannot seem to accept his lot, not matter how glorious.  Satan couldn't 
be God's first mate, he had to be God.  Eve seems unable to just live 
comfortably in Eden no matter how perfect, she is always striving for 
something more than her lot allows her.  All of this isn't to say that 
Eve is unintelligent by any means, but Eve is driven more by unending 
curiosity than a great desire for reason.  Like Satan, Eve is afflicted 
with the "wandering fancy."

Best Wishes,

Jeffrey Austin
The University of Michigan
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