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To be honest, the "point taken" was Jim's statement that all he could really 
do was refer to the tradition Milton may have been following. With all due 
respect to Jim (whose comments I always enjoy and consider seriously), when 
somone responds to a discussion with "Well, you would have to ask God to know for 
sure" I would soon politely back out; if God's direct intervention into the 
topic is the level of proof needed, my position will probably be a tough sale. 
However, based on my previous comments, I of course think that this particular 
issue is more complex within Milton's text and that Milton, as he so often 
does, follows tradition but allows for a more complex and comprehensive analysis 
of that tradition, but I thought I would save any additional comments for 
someone willing to engage in the "speculative." And ulimately the question I posed 
to Jim was not meant to be biblical/historical in nature, but rather how 
Milton creates characters that show the possible ambiguities of that tradition.


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