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Paul's misogyny is also very much in question.  N.T. scholarship has
established that Paul probably did not write any of the pastoral epistles,
which means that if 1 Timothy 2.11-15 is misogynist, at least it isn't Paul.

Samuel Smith

>>> jrovira at drew.edu 02/03/05 6:35 PM >>>
I think to answer your questions you'd have to ask either God or the 
Devil directly.  The best I can do is point to a textual tradition that 
Milton may have been following.  Undoubtedly neither God nor Satan are 
nearly as misogynist as Paul.


BlevinsJake at aol.com wrote:

> Jim,
> Paul of course wrote from the perspective that Satan's deception of 
> Even already occurred, so yes it was woman who was deceived. The 
> question, I guess, would be did it have to be that way? PL depicts an 
> Adam who, I believe, could have been swayed--albeit, as I said before, 
> perhaps by a different mode of attack. The very fact that Adam is 
> not "tricked" by Eve but falls with full knowledge, so to speak, makes 
> it difficult for me to imagine that he couldn't have been tricked into 
> doing the same thing. You're right that an important aspect becomes 
> why did Satan choose to go after Eve first--it could just be Milton's 
> following the "historical" account of the story or the general idea 
> that woman is somehow a lesser version of man, or Satan was privy to 
> Eve's attitudes toward herself at the pool. Regardless, none of that 
> necessitates the idea that Eve was without a doubt more vulnerable to 
> the attack--only that Eve was indeed vulnerable. Remember, Satan HOPES 
> to find Eve alone, but isn't he prepared to tempt the both of them if 
> need be?
> Jacob

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