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Which point was taken?  That Jim Rovira can ask God and Satan only certain questions (like, it appears, "Are you as misogynistic as those you (God) inspire and you (the Devil) oppose?"), and get answers, but not others, such as the ones you, Jacob Blevins, imaginatively pursue?

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  Point taken.


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    I think to answer your questions you'd have to ask either God or the 
    Devil directly.  The best I can do is point to a textual tradition that 
    Milton may have been following.  Undoubtedly neither God nor Satan are 
    nearly as misogynist as Paul.


    BlevinsJake at aol.com wrote:

    > Jim,
    > Paul of course wrote from the perspective that Satan's deception of 
    > Even already occurred, so yes it was woman who was deceived. The 
    > question, I guess, would be did it have to be that way? PL depicts an 
    > Adam who, I believe, could have been swayed--albeit, as I said before, 
    > perhaps by a different mode of attack. The very fact that Adam is 
    > not "tricked" by Eve but falls with full knowledge, so to speak, makes 
    > it difficult for me to imagine that he couldn't have been tricked into 
    > doing the same thing. You're right that an important aspect becomes 
    > why did Satan choose to go after Eve first--it could just be Milton's 
    > following the "historical" account of the story or the general idea 
    > that woman is somehow a lesser version of man, or Satan was privy to 
    > Eve's attitudes toward herself at the pool. Regardless, none of that 
    > necessitates the idea that Eve was without a doubt more vulnerable to 
    > the attack--only that Eve was indeed vulnerable. Remember, Satan HOPES 
    > to find Eve alone, but isn't he prepared to tempt the both of them if 
    > need be?
    > Jacob

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