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It could  be that Satan finds his relationship with God analogous to Eve's relationship with Adam, and seeks to instill in her the same sense of arbitrary authority and insufficient appreciation of individuality in the current system.  Consider that, in Book IX, Adam's resistance to working separately moves Eve to accuse him of trying to control her because he doesn't think she is sufficiently strong or intelligent, before she encounters Satan in the garden.  Eve's angst in many ways parallels  Satan's.  Satan too was suspicious of the institution of Christ's authority over the angels, because submission to authority implies that the submissive are not capable of ruling themselves.  This suspicion generated rebellion and upset God's creation.  In Eve, he may sense that the same strategy can work.

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A direct answer might take the form of writing your thesis statement for 
you, but maybe you could consider rephrasing Eve's "interest in learning 
and reason" in terms of her relationship to images/symbols?  

Lana Cable's _Carnal Rhetoric_ may be worth looking into.  It's been 
awhile since I've read it, though, but it's very good and may be 
relevant to your thesis.  It is pretty densely written, though.


sarah wenk wrote:

>So is there any connection here, between Satan as a creator and exploiter and victim of images and Eve's interest in learning and reason? Or am I really looking at two separate things.
>I'm sorry if this all sounds moronic. It's very hard to pick this up after such a long absence, but I have to get this sucker written!
>Sarah Wenk

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