[Milton-L] Struggling with a paper

zunijm at jmu.edu zunijm at jmu.edu
Thu Feb 3 11:00:43 EST 2005

  Stanley Fish's book _How Milton Works_ proved quite useful 
when I recently wrote a paper on the parallels between Satan 
and Comus. Fish posits that " . . . there is always a 
contrast between the busy energy of Milton's tempters . . . 
as they move here and there pointing out many things, and the 
stillness of the Miltonic hero, for whom movement--departure 
from an already achieved state of knowledge and illumination--
is a temptation." 
  In this light (contrasting the unfallen Eve with the 
tempter, Satan), your ideas are explorable, and can be taken 
toward the same end. I hope this response helps with your 
                                          Jeremy Zuni

>One idea is about Satan as an interpreter and creater of 
images.>The other has more to do with Eve. The only thing 
Satan is right about is that she'll be more vulnerable to him 
than Adam.  She has an affinity for knowledge that Satan 
exploits and a faith in her own reasoning that allows her to 
convince Adam to let her work alone. In many ways, I see Eve 
as more like the reader than Adam is - she's more human, 
>So is there any connection here, between Satan as a creator 
and exploiter and victim of images and Eve's interest in 
learning and reason? Or am I really looking at two separate 

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