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sarah wenk sarah at go.com
Thu Feb 3 06:16:00 EST 2005

Hello: I'm new to this list. I'm in the process of finishing an M.A. degree that I abandonded some years ago. I need to finish a paper on PL that I haven't worked on in a long time, and I'm really struggling with it. I have what I think is the germ of a good idea, but I could really use some help in getting it focussed. Actually, I guess I have two ideas that I've been trying to connect, but maybe what I need to do is write two papers.

One idea is about Satan as an interpreter and creater of images. After his fall, he constructs a kind of alternate reality around himself in which the war in Heaven was just a little tussle, and he still has the potential for victory over God. His inability to truly understand his situation makes him wrong about more or less everything he sees, and it also impacts his own physical reality, as his appearance shifts and change from angelic beauty to all sorts of less attractive things. So that's one thread that I'm working on.

The other has more to do with Eve. The only thing Satan is right about is that she'll be more vulnerable to him than Adam. So I'm looking at her three big scenes - her birth, the separation scene and the temptation. She has an affinity for knowledge that Satan exploits and a faith in her own reasoning that allows her to convince Adam to let her work alone. In many ways, I see Eve as more like the reader than Adam is - she's more human, literally. 

So is there any connection here, between Satan as a creator and exploiter and victim of images and Eve's interest in learning and reason? Or am I really looking at two separate things.

I'm sorry if this all sounds moronic. It's very hard to pick this up after such a long absence, but I have to get this sucker written!


Sarah Wenk

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