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Re: [Milton-L] divine Hitler?No, that is NOT what the discussion concerns--except as you've elected to distort it, Ms. Kunin. The discussion concerns whether your delight in living in "a country where religion does  still play a role in civic life"--and Milton's horror (and my own) at the thought of the civitas (the Government) sticking its nose into the theological affairs of the nation as the present administration here is endeavoring to do. My point in response was that "religion still play[ed] a role" in the civic life of Adolph Hitler's Germany--and went under names like "Kristallnacht" and "Auschwitz" and "Dachau." It was the warped religious zeal of the Aryan nation that sought to exterminate those whom the God of Zion had favored--and to substitute their own Master Race in its place. You asked for evidence that Hitler was perceived as a deity, denying (with Carrol Cox) that any existed, and insulted Father Logsdon openly in the process. You have received that evidence, and an indication as to where you can find more, if the subject continues to intrigue you (as it has long since ceased to  intrigue me). Your ungracious response does not deserve further comment: but you may also, if you wish, try Googling "Hitler + Christ."

This discussion (which your behavior has rendered more than a little unpleasant) has gone far beyond the pale of anything to do with the subject of Milton-L, and I for one gladly terminate my participation in it here and now. I hope others will do likewise.

Carol Barton

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  the 1937 encyclical Mit brennender Sorge ... attacked Hitler for his "aspirations to divinity", "placing himself
  on the same level as Christ" and as being a "mad prophet possessed of
  repulsive arrogance"

  Dear Carol Barton,

  The point of this passage has nothing to do with whether the Germans thought Hitler was God, or whether their belief in National Socialism should be considered as a civic religion, which is what the discussion concerns.


  Carolyn Kunin 


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