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Rose Williams rwill627 at cox.net
Mon Dec 19 10:56:30 EST 2005

Heston is a fascinating human being. He is one of the few people I know who 
has actually read Tolstoy. Lydia says he came down to breakfast in chain 
mail while preparing for some of his medieval roles "just to get the feel of 
it." His comments on the two identical ( in looks but not in personality) 
horses he used during El Cid are hilarious. I am acquainted with him and 
with Lydia, and some of his wry remarks have been made to me personally. 
Many of them though, (some throwing an interesting light on the making of 
those epics) can be found in his book "An Actor's Journal."
Rose Williams
> What a wonderful question.  I was just watching the movie version of _El
> Cid_, in anticipation of teaching the wonderful medieval Spanish epic next
> semester -- we will of course end with the wonderful 17th-century British
> epic _Paradise Lost_.  Charleston Heston plays the Cid and Sophia Loren 
> his
> wife Ximena.  Knowing that Heston plays Moses and Sophia Loren the again
> Spanish Dulcinea in _Man of La Manch_ helped me realize how Heston's
> representations have helped make the figures of Moses and Cid less other 
> and
> more "ours" for a great number of Anglophone viewers, as has Sophia Loren
> helped make cinematic representations of Spanish women Italian (and
> gorgeous).

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