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Dr. Hodges,

I can't answer your question, but I can say that I too experienced the same thing.  I anticipated that, once an article had been accepted, before the journal went to press, I'd receive galley proofs.  To  my surprise and dismay, this was not the case, and like you, I was horrified to discovered a few typos that had escaped my detection previously.  I take responsibility for not having spotted such errors sooner, but I did find it curious that, despite all the feedback for revision I got as part of the peer review process, these particular mistakes did not come to light before printing.  I'm as curious as you are to hear others' responses to your inquiry.  Thanks for looking into the matter.


Ross Leasure
Salisbury University
Eastern Shore, MD

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> I'm sorry to bother the listserve community with a 
> question about a nonsubstantive issue, but I'd like to 
> know the standard practice followed by professional 
> journals concerning galley proofs. 
> Do journals, as a standard practice, make galley 
> proofs available for authors so that they can 
> proofread their work one last time and also to approve 
> editorial changes before the article goes to the 
> publisher? 
> I ask because just today, I received an article of 
> mine on Milton (see, there is a connection to this 
> list) in the form of an offprint -- much to my 
> surprise because I hadn't been informed that my 
> article had actually been accepted for publication and 
> because I hadn't been given the opportunity to 
> proofread the galley proofs to check for errors. 
> To my dismay, I found some editorial changes (none 
> substantive) and a couple of my own typographical 
> mistakes (mildly embarassing) in the offprint. 
> Naturally, I would like to insist that this (unnamed) 
> journal provide galley proofs in the future, but I 
> can't do so without the assurance that providing such 
> proofs is standard practice. 
> In my past articles for religious studies journals, 
> philosophy journals, etc., I've always received galley 
> proofs. 
> So . . . is this the standard practice in scholarly 
> fields generally? 
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