[Milton-L] for Kemmer Anderson

john shawcross jtshaw74 at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 23 13:05:06 EDT 2004

Dear Kemmer,

It is difficult to know from what Madison says just what edition of Milton
was sent. There was, for example, the beautiful 1792 edition of PL with
Frederick Jean Schall's illustrations (the text is Dupré de St. Maur's prose
translation). But also there were in 1792 another edition of Mirabeau's "Sur
la Liberté de la Presse" ("Areopagitica") and Jean Baptiste Salaville's
"translation" 9adaptation) of the "First Defense" "Défense du Peuple
Anglais, Sur le Jugement et la Condamnation de Charles Premier, Roi
d'Angleterre. Par Milton." None of these is reported, however, in the
"Catalogue of the Library of Thomas Jefferson. Compiled with Annotations by
E. Millicent Sowerby" (1983). It seems to me most probably it was one of the
prose pieces; the Mirabeau appeared first in 1788 and the Salaville first in
1789 as "Théorie de la Royauté, d'après la doctrine de Milton."


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