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Kemmer Anderson kanderso at mccallie.org
Thu Sep 23 10:38:52 EDT 2004

Dear Colleagues and Book Sleuths
In 2 letters from James Madison to Thomas Jefferson (TJ, Vol.28) written 
April 14 & 28, 1794: "I have put into the hands of your Cabinet workman 
here the Edition of Milton you sent from France" (4/14/); and then: 
"...having forwarded the French Edition of Milton..." (4/28). Is Madison 
referring to Le Paradis Perdu or a prose translation of Areopagitica? If it 
is Le Paradis Perdu, does anyone know where that edition ended up or is 
anyone doing a paper for IMS8? My energy is on the Tenure of Kings and the 
Declaration, but this remains a fascinating problem for textual scholars. 
All I have in my brain on the subject right now is the beginnings of a 
poem. I can see Jefferson reading the volume by the Seine or in a salon - 
so much for Rimbaud. Kemmer Anderson, McCallie School, Chattanooga, TN.
PS: I would love to learn how to write a paper about this problem or see 
someone solve it.

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