[Milton-L] Update on Gary Stringer

Paul Parrish p-parrish at tamu.edu
Sun Sep 5 20:30:37 EDT 2004

Like others, I appreciate the update from Jameela regarding USM.  As the 
head of English at Texas A&M, allow me to say that we are very happy to 
have Gary and the Donne Variorum project here.  Of course, we are immensely 
sorry for the trouble he and his colleagues have had to endure, but he has 
been welcomed here as a valued senior colleague.  I have every reason to 
believe that he and the project will thrive in his new academic home.

Paul Parrish

At 12:33 PM 9/5/2004, Jameela Lares wrote:
>I have been remiss in not having written much sooner to say that Gary Stringer
>has accepted a position at Texas A&M, and has of course taken the Donne 
>Project with him.  You may remember that Gary, a distinguished professor 
>in our
>English department, was threatened with being fired when he inquired into the
>academic qualifications of the vice president for research, Dr. Angeline 
>who is no longer in that position.
>Things are still poor at USM.  Our department has lost six members in the last
>year, plus (I think) seven before that, and have hired one.  We may be able to
>hire an additional 4-5 this year, but I think an impartial observer who noted
>the different treatment of other departments would have to conclude that 
>we had
>been targeted.
>Thanks to so many of you for your ongoing questions and expressions of 
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