[Milton-L] PL and genre

Alice Berghof aberghof at es.nacs.uci.edu
Sun Sep 5 13:27:52 EDT 2004

Three books come to mind: The Choice of Achilles: The Ideology of 
Figure in the Epic by Susanne Wofford, The Ruins of Allegory: Paradise 
Lost and the Metamorphosis of Epic Convention by Catherine Gimelli 
Martin, and Allegorical Poetics and the Epic: The Renaissance Tradition 
to Paradise Lost by Mindele Anne Treip.

A leitmotif in my dissertation runs as follows: a shift in genre 
classification results from close rhetorical analysis of the language 
of sin in Paradise Lost.  Satan's soliloquy to the sun, for example, is 
more of a bleak pastoral lament than a high tragic or an epic setpiece. 
  Reply to me on or off-list, depending on whether you find this to be 
an assumption anyone else would find interesting.

Alice Berghof

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