[Milton-L] moloch

James Rovira jrovira at drew.edu
Sun Sep 5 12:29:16 EDT 2004

Ha -- it probably isn't wise to overlook these elements of the epic 
battle between the gods, or between angels/demons.  Don't forget Daniel, 
too, where specific angelic/demonic forces were identified as rulers 
over specific areas.


Walthall, Hugh W CONTRACTOR WRAIR-Wash DC wrote:
> Who fights whom in Western Epic Poetry is a fun subject.  I suspect it 
> is pretty much a ratings game, like scheduling the contestants in 
> ProWrestling.  Certainly all of the outcomes seem as “fixed” as any 
> lurid pay-per-view “Smack-Down”.  Sometimes the opponent is not 
> human(oid), the Blatant Beast in Spencer, the Endriago of Amadis deGaul, 
> the Alien v. Predator thing.  Homer is often (still) the most 
> sophisticated in this regard—sometimes the opponent is a God disguised 
> as Ajax, sometimes Patrokolos in an Achilles costume.  You can bet the 
> farm that Milton knew all these clashes by heart…not to mention Virgil & 
> Ariosto.
> That Moloch has one meaning of “KING” would also be a substantial clue 
> as to why Gabe himself has to bust a cap in his ass.  Gabriel seems to 
> have had a better time against Moloch than Allen Ginsberg did, alas.  
> For a deep reading of these evil v good combats I recommend Angus 
> Fletcher’s Allegory: Theory of a Symbolic Mode  (Ithaca, 1964).   
> Hugh Walthall

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